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Self-care is different for everyone. What is self-care to you? What do you practice? What do you feel like doing? To me self-care is all about doing what makes you happy inside and out. It’s what makes your body feel good! It’s giving your body the love it deserves. I enjoy many different ways to […]

For Massage First Timers

Have you started working on your self-care journey? Does it cross your mind that your body would love a massage? Do you have questions about massage that you would like answered but aren’t sure where to get the answers? I would like to tell you how my sessions go and please, if you have any […]

Be on Time!

Your massage therapist values her time as much as you value your own time! As I jump back into the real world and begin practicing massage again, I want to address the issue of timeliness. I feel it’s appropriate to talk about what it means to be late to a massage. The more you know, […]

“It Hurts Right Here”

During my intake process I ask many questions to try to get to know my client. These questions are all focused on figuring out how my client moves throughout their day. There are reasons why an area ends up hurting and the cause is normally from repetitive movements over time. So this is the beginning […]

Massage Drunk

I am writing this blog now thinking about being under a completely amazing, relaxing daze that massage therapists like to refer to as “Massage Drunk.” Is it real? Is it awesome? Yes. Yes. I am frequently asked why I do massage, and what my favorite part about it is. This right here is the answer. […]

“How’s the Pressure?”

This is a common question massage therapists ask during your massage session. We ask because we don’t find pleasure in inflicting pain upon our clients. We want you to be comfortable and feel relief from the techniques we use.The amount of pressure desired varies from client to client. Some like the pressure super deep, others […]