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July 8, 2020

For Massage First Timers

Have you started working on your self-care journey? Does it cross your mind that your body would love a massage? Do you have questions about massage that you would like answered but aren’t sure where to get the answers? I would like to tell you how my sessions go and please, if you have any questions after this, text or call me and I will answer to the best of my ability. I would like to discuss a few things that have been asked of me by new clients that never received a massage before me. I hope to make you feel more comfortable about receiving a massage!

Do you need to bring anything to the massage?
No, you don’t need to bring anything but yourself! I will have all the supplies and I will make you feel as comfortable as I can! It may feel awkward until you walk into my office, but once you step in you will be ready for a massage! You will walk in and see my beautiful office and my massage table waiting for you!

I will have an intake form and a release form to sign which we will discuss once you sit down with me. They are very simple forms, only one page each. They take just a few minutes to answer, so I would have you come to your appointment 5-7 minutes early to answer them and meet me and discuss you! Simple questions like any history of surgeries/injuries, allergies, and your goal for the session. I want to be on the same page as you and I want to know your problem areas and see if I can help ease your pain, discomfort, limited range of motion, tightness, or just provide regular maintenance your body needs!

Next step is going over the paperwork, and discussing what I can work on during the session. Depending on the length of the session and your goals, it may be focused work on perhaps neck and shoulders, or full body massage. In full body massage, I work the back, arms, legs, and neck. In a 30 minute massage I just focus on one area like the shoulders and neck, or a leg that may be bothering you. 60 minute massage is good for just a general full body massage. 90 minute massage gives me more time to do focused work and still give full body massage. I will tailor the massage to your needs. My goal is to make you feel better.

I will leave you in the room to allow you to undress to your comfort level and get on the table, under the sheet. I have had clients ask if I want them to take everything off or leave underwear on. This is totally up to your comfort level. I have clients that leave them on, I have clients that take them off. The difference is, with underwear on I can only do compressions on the glutes. I can also do some good stretches for the low back if underwear are on. With them off I can do more massage techniques on the glutes. The glutes are very important to work! They are a big muscle group! It is important to say that only one leg is undraped at a time, and only that one side of the glute at a time. Everything else will be fully covered by the sheet. If you ever feel uncomfortable please speak up and I will do what I can to fix it!

I will give you a few minutes and then I’ll knock and make sure you are ready for me to come in. Once you get on the table you will already feel a sense of relaxation. Many clients tell me they feel better right when they lay down. The body knows what is good for it!

I have a clock to watch my time, and I get the massage started when I enter the room. I ask about pressure and I love good communication! if it hurts let me know. Also, if you would like more pressure, let me know that too! If you feel a pain when I move your arm, let me know. If I turn your head and it hurts in your shoulder, please let me know! The more communication the better!

At the end of the session I will leave and let you get dressed. I will wait for you to let me back in the room and we will take care of payment and rescheduling and then you will be on your way to the water station to grab water and leave, feeling amazing I hope!

I hope this answered any questions you might have. Please reach out to me for scheduling, questions, and comments!