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June 18, 2020

Massage Drunk

I am writing this blog now thinking about being under a completely amazing, relaxing daze that massage therapists like to refer to as “Massage Drunk.” Is it real? Is it awesome? Yes. Yes.

I am frequently asked why I do massage, and what my favorite part about it is. This right here is the answer. Everyone deserves to feel this relaxed and pain free. Everyone deserves regular therapeutic massage in their life.

Is “massage drunk” for you? Let’s explain this feeling a little more for those of you who may be hesitant to get out and experience massage therapy for the first time. Also for my existing wonderful clients that can’t remember that feeling because it has been way too long! I can’t wait to see you by the way!

When I give a massage, my main goal is to give my client relief! This may mean relief from pain, discomfort, limited range of motion, tightness, soreness, anxiety, depression, and more! These are not pleasant feelings friends! I understand all of these issues and I wouldn’t wish them upon anyone. This is why I love massage therapy. It helps with all of these feelings! And replaces them with relaxation, like the feeling after a wonderful daytime nap. You feel great. Like walking on a cloud. But why does this happen?

Massage therapy pushes the toxins out of the muscles. This releases those tight pain-causing areas and releases those toxins out into the bloodstream where the kidney and liver filter them out. An example of these toxins is build up of lactic acid and calcium, which get built up from exercise, overuse of muscles, or stress causing tension in the body.

After a therapeutic massage session, I like to tell my clients to take their time getting up and dressed. This feeling of released toxins makes you feel like you are in a daze. There should not be a rush to jump up and run out of the room and jump in your car. I take time to allow the client to sit and drink some water before leaving. It is important to hydrate after the massage so this feeling can subside and you can safely walk and drive. I can’t stress enough how important water is! So drink water!

That’s all I’ll say about that for now, I feel like a blog on drinking water will be next! Stay tuned! Until then, just know that massage therapy can help you! You don’t have to tough it out. You deserve to have relief! You are amazing! Thank you for reading!